about us

Niagara is an Antwerp based swimwear brand since 1992

It is known for it’s pure shapes, both simple and advanced, with the right proportions and an excellent fit.

A young style for women of all ages, a bit retro while adapting it’s innocence and decency to contemporary times.

We use highly technical fabrics, Italian made, quick drying, resistant to chlorine and with optimum air permeability.

Designs, patterns, proto’s and prints,  all is developed with dedication and craftmanship in-house.

blauwe waterval

155 million litres per minute…

blauw niagarafalls

It’s no coincidence Harriet van den Bosch called her brand NIAGARA, the Canadian-born lived only a stone throws away from the Falls.

landschap waterval

Niagara or ‘Onguiaahra’ in Iroquoian language is said to mean ‘Thunder of Waters’ by the Neutral natives in 17th century.

etalage bij Dries

Harriet van den Bosch  started her brand with selling at Dries Van Noten’s shop and continued this throughout  the 90’s.